An Interview with a fellow MonSTAR

Plastik Monstarrs are ALWAYS happy to meet fellow monsters and cosplayers who understand the importance of bringing some crazy color and fashion into the mix! Today we have a interview with monster lover cosplayer who goes by the name of Mikki! We will be asking her some questions on herĀ preferencesĀ and inspirations for her crazy and unique form of costume!

1. When was the first time you experienced or participated in cosplay/costume?

Mikki: The first time I ever experienced and participated cosplay was around 4th and 5th grade. I went to my first anime convention, and I thought there were a bunch of weird people running around. But I also thought it was really cool. The next con I went to, which was in the same year, was fanime. Back when fanime was a little empty. (I think it was fanime…) But I dressed up as Trunks from Dragon Ball Z.

Casual Kinkaku (Saiyuki)

Casual Kinkaku (Saiyuki)

2. What made you want to do costumes and dress up?
Mikki: I simply love the attention, and I love connecting with people who have close to the same interests as me.

Lussuria (Reborn!)

Lussuria (Reborn!)

3. What does cosplay mean to you?
Mikki: Cosplay doesn’t mean a lot to me. I don’t cosplay as anime characters a whole lot. (officially? Maybe 2 or 3 times). But to me, cosplay is about having fun.

4. What steps do you take in the cosplay creation/experience to get the costume you want?

Mikki: I plan things out, like most people. I save up a bunch of money that just happens to come out of nowhere, and I buy some fabric, and my friend usually helps me sew it up, if it has anything to do with sewing. But the FIRST FIRST step is usually a wig. Which I buy on ebay. Harr Harr.

Fashion la Mikki

Fashion La Mikki!

5. What is your favorite cosplay and anime?
Mikki: I currently don’t have a favorite cosplay. But my favorite Anime(s) are DragonBall Z, Gurren Lagann, and im currently watching Ergo Proxy.

6. Do you participate in the cosplay community?
Mikki: I guess? I believe that going to conventions in cosplay would be participating in the cosplay community, yes? But I much rather do fashion than cosplay.

Mikki knows her neon!

7. What is your favorite convention that you have attended?
Mikki: Fanime, which is in San Jose, and Sac-Anime, which is in Sacramento.


Mikki in Decora Style!

8. Any other thoughts on costume/cosplay?
Mikki: Some people take cosplay seriously, and some people just throw on a random colored wig and name themselves NARUTO! But. Overall. Cosplay should be something that brings people together. Especially in the Anime community.

Mikki & Cosplayers
Mikki & Fellow Cosplayers

We thank Mikki for being a great cosplayer and continuing to bring her own creative splash to the cosplay world! Look out for her at cons because she will always spread the NEON LOVE!