The Mind of Monsters

When looking in to our fuzzy glowing world plush, one would think that something *must* have gone wrong in our minds to develop these unnatural, un-Earthly characters. Something SO bizarre and drastic must not be of natural functioning.

The truth of the matter is that these creatures (while having intergalactic origins),  came to existence from a whirlwind of imagination, daring, and love for all things furry and colorful.

The fateful story of neon decadence starts with 2 young Earthlings who from a early time knew there wasn’t any time or space for normality. Oh no, there was NOTHING normal among these organisms. So banded together as a duo, they sought out to find their place in this misguided world! As many lost souls end up doing, they stumbled upon the exciting and fast paced world of RAVE. Bright lights, neon colors, pulsating music, and a love of all thing digital, they were quickly sucked into this place where problems were un-important and music whisked away the mind to unheard of heights.

While the underground rave scene became their home and escape of the dreadful mundane everyday, they still sought out more. There simply wasn’t enough time in these dark rooms to show off their true NEON LOVE and have it appreciated for the passion and lifestyle of being a MONSTER. This led to the world of COSPLAY and CONVENTIONS. At conventions they found themselves among many others who worked extremely hard on costumes and understood the MEANING OF DETAIL AND CREATIVITY. They knew this was the place where one could be a true monSTAR and enjoy themselves for what they were!

Guided by the ideals of PLUR we are DIGI && MEOWMIX MONSTARR, and we WILL bring some NEON LOVE to the dancefloor!

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